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On which song did you dance your first shuffle? Or your opening dance?
What song did your mother used to sing? And what do you sing in the shower?

Request your favorite song at the kiosk of Radio i Play. A radio show filled with memories, dreams and music to cherish. By listening together and sharing our stories, we get closer together.

Radio i Play is a street theatre production by Brecht Hermans & Cie Manneke. A nostalgic musical kiosk with space for songs and stories. It is the successor of mobile radio i Play.




Radio i Play is a production by Brecht Hermans & Cie Manneke


Concept: Brecht Hermans
Design kiosk: Christopher Sayago
Costume & graphic design: Hanne Geerts

Assistance construction kiosk: Geert Hattas & Timo Ramaeckers
Assistance graphic design: Dirk Geerts, Nele Geerts

With many thanks to Jeneverfeesten Hasselt.

Radio i Play is offered to festivals by booking agency Huis Alma.

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