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Radio i Play is the one and only mobile radio station.
Your hits in exchange for your stories.
Want to know more? Well we want to know more about you!

Mobile radio i Play is a street theatre production in which the audience can request a song in exchange for a story. A memory about the opening dance at the wedding, a special concert, the loss of a loved one… Brecht interviews the participant and bystanders can listen to it through the speakers. Together we discover each other’s music and stories, and get to know each other more.


This production is created within Brecht’s artistic research project SHARED/FOLDER. i Play

was performed at Theater op de Markt in Hasselt, Copacabana in Gent, Beursschouwburg Brussel, Totaalfestival Bladel (Netherlands) and Fringe Festival Paris, amongst others.



Concept: Brecht Hermans
Support: Marieke Breyne, Isabelle Stockmans and Thomas Vermaercke
Sound design jingles: Michel Gregoire
Logo i Play: Janne Beldman
Promo pic: Bram Lievens
Video: Karina Beumer


i Play was supported by kunstencentrum BELGIE, City of Hasselt and STROOM, supporting talent in culture by the province of Limburg (BE).


SHARED/FOLDER (i Play, i Fuck and i Facebook) was able to participate in the Paris Fringe Festival 2016 thanks to support by the Flemish Government.

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