I am Brecht, born in Hasselt - Belgium on Monday, October 7th, 1985 at 9am. Yep, a morning person. Since 2015, I live and work in Rotterdam. I studied Theatre Sciences in Ghent, with an Erasmus-year in Utrecht, and Stagecraft at RITCS in Brussels.

My first theatre success was reading out loud a children's booklet in front of the kindergarten class, as a writer the publication of my essay about our school trip to theme park De Efteling in the school paper was my first success.

When I was 14, I joined Youth Theatre Kaboekie in Zonhoven (my rescue as a lost teen). During and after my studies, I created and performed in collectives as Cie Hatsjie (later: De Stokerij) in Hasselt, De Constanten in Brussels and Oortocht in Gent. 

2012 was my year of crisis. For the first time, I was madly in love and as a theatre maker I felt the necessity to have more contact with my audience - but I had no clue how to achieve that. My crisis ended with the creation of mobile radio i Play. Since then, I often use theatre as an instigator for encounters.

Since 2016, I work at Theater Babel Rotterdam, the only professional, structurally subsidized inclusive theatre company in the Netherlands. I learned a lot as a theatre maker there, but even more as a human being.

What I want to achieve with my work?

That every person looks and listens to their fellow humans with more attention, patience, compassion and curiosity. 


Current projects



Production by Theater Babel Rotterdam in which 28 actors show themselves from their most vulnerable side. They tell their personal story via the other: director Paul Röttger interviewed a family member of each performer. These interviews were written into monologues by Paul and writer Erik Ward Geerlings. 

More info: look here.

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Troost voor Cool is a project for Theater Babel Rotterdam in which we explore the Cool neighbourhood around our theatre, armed with scenes about comfort. Every actor makes and performs their own personal scene and shows the power of (inclusive) art: the power to console and to connect.

More info: look here.

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