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I am Brecht, born in Hasselt - Belgium on Monday, October 7th, 1985 at 9am. Yep, a morning person. Since 2015, I live and work in Rotterdam. I studied Theatre Sciences in Ghent, with an Erasmus-year in Utrecht, and Stagecraft at RITCS in Brussels.

My first theatre success was reading out loud a children's booklet in front of the kindergarten class, as a writer the publication of my essay about our school trip to theme park De Efteling in the school paper was my first success.

When I was 14, I joined Youth Theatre Kaboekie in Zonhoven (my rescue as a lost teen). During and after my studies, I created and performed in collectives as Cie Hatsjie (later: De Stokerij) in Hasselt, De Constanten in Brussels and Oortocht in Gent. 

2012 was my year of crisis. For the first time, I was madly in love and as a theatre maker I felt the necessity to have more contact with my audience - but I had no clue how to achieve that. My crisis ended with the creation of mobile radio i Play. Since then, I often use theatre as an instigator for encounters.

From 2016 to 2021, I worked at Theater Babel Rotterdam, the only professional, structurally subsidized inclusive theatre company in the Netherlands. I learned a lot as a theatre maker there, but even more as a human being.

What I want to achieve with my work?

That every person looks and listens to their fellow humans with more attention, patience, compassion and curiosity. 

My latest projects

Current projects

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Interactive theater performance in which the audience reads and gives life to the characters from Dostoevsky's masterpiece. With live soundtrack by cellist Pau Marques i Oleo. 

From October 27 to December 15 at Laatmakers by Karavaan, Alkmaar.

More info, look here.


For Cafetheaterfestival 2022, Brecht is creating a solo performance about his coming out, which lasted 20 years. Nina-Elisa Euson directs.


March 25-26: Cafetheaterfestival Rotterdam

May 7: Cafetheaterfestival Utrecht

May 26-27: Karavaan, Alkmaar

More info, look here.

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