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I am Brecht, born in Hasselt - Belgium on Monday, October 7th, 1985 at 9am. Yep, a morning person. Since 2015, I live and work in Rotterdam. I studied Theatre Sciences in Ghent, with an Erasmus-year in Utrecht, and Stagecraft at RITCS in Brussels.

My first theatre success was reading out loud a children's booklet in front of the kindergarten class, as a writer the publication of my essay about our school trip to theme park De Efteling in the school paper was my first success.

When I was 14, I joined youth theatre Kaboekie in Zonhoven, my rescue as a lost teenager. I found a safe space there, where I could be my for the full 100% and where I could dive into the power of theater: the joy, the playfulness, creating, being together. What I found there, I pass on in my own projects now.

In 2006, I made my first theater show: Dood in Venetië. Tekst theater with live music. Later on, I started to look for more encounters. That started with my mobile radio i Play in 2015.

With visual artist Hans Bossmann, I went into the neighborhood with Zelfportretten van het Oude Westen, together with Karavaan I set up Het Ministerie van Alkmaarse Zaken in Alkmaar.

From 2016 to 2021, I worked at Theater Babel Rotterdam, a company with actors with and without disabilities. I learned a lot as a theater maker and even more as a human being.

Since 2021, I work as an independent theater maker. I created En wat doe jij? and Ik moet u iets vertellen and founded Theatre Reading Club 010 in 2022.

Recent projects

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In co-production with Karavaan, I researched the person behind the word unemployed. This resulted in the show En wat doe jij? in which experts in exerpience and professional performers told their story together.

En wat doe jij? was performed at Karavaan Festival 2023.

More info here.


In January 2022, we founded the theatre reading club in Leeszaal West. At the end of the same year, a new theater reading club started in Theater 't Kapelletje. In 2023 we started a third club at Theater Zuidplein.


We focus on one text in every meeting, Brecht or Mau is the host and an artist from Rotterdam is guest reader.


More info here.

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