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Plays are beautiful to see and fun to read. Especially if you read them together. That is why theater maker Brecht Hermans and Leeszaal West jointly founded Toneelleesclub010 in 2022. Since 2023, there has also been a Toneelleesclub Zuid at Theater Zuidplein and Toneelleesclub Noord in Theater 't Kapelletje.


In the theater reading club we sit together at the table and read one play each time. A different piece every time, so it doesn't matter if you can't come.

Everyone is welcome.

1 or 10 times - as much as you can and want.
Good and less good readers welcome.
No theater experience required.

For dates and registration, click on the link below

or send an email to



Aftermovie season finale TLC 010 in Theater Zuidplein (July 2023)

ToneelLeesClub010 is supported by Stichting Volkskracht, Municipality of Rotterdam, G. Ph. Verhagen Fund, Elise Mathilde Fund and Deltaport Donation Fund. In collaboration with Theater Zuidplein, Lab-Z, Leeszaal West, Theater 't Kapelletje and Altstadt Rotterdam.

Video: Charlotte Brand / A Small Production Company

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