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Troost voor Cool (Comforting Cool) is a summer project by Theater Babel Rotterdam, in which I will go out into the Cool neighborhood with actors from Babel. After Self-portraits of Delfshaven, we will now explore the neighborhood around the (new) Babel theatre. Through scenes about comfort, we will have theatrical encounters with neighbors and visitors of the neighborhood. Where did you find comfort in the past months? How can art offer comfort? Every actor makes and plays their own personal scene, in which they show the power of (inclusive) art: the power to comfort and the power of imagination.


From July 14th until August 13rd, we will go out into the Cool-neighborhood on every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. From 1 to 3pm, we will visit a square or sidewalk and perform for everyone we meet.


On Thursday, August 27th at 3pm, we organize an ending performance – the finale – in the Babel theatre at Eendrachtsstraat 81. One last time, we will share our scenes of comfort and tell tales of our adventures in the neighborhood. Would you like to be there? Nice! Tickets are free, but we ask you to make a reservation through this link.

Troost voor Cool is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten


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