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In development: Shakespeare Karaoke
– a theatrical installation in which you play your favorite Shakespeare-character.


To be or not to be!
Enter our mysterious Medieval tent and get transported into another world. Are you Hamlet or King Lear? Are you going for romance with Romeo and Juliet? Or are you getting your royal revenge just like Cleopatra? Choose your costumes and wigs, the soundtrack starts to play, the smoke machine fumes and voila, you enter the tent…


Attention please: in this Shakespeare Karaoke you are not obliged to sing! You enter the tent in duos and perform Shakespeare together. The dialogues appear on the TV screen, so you don’t have to come up with any lines yourself. Get carried away by your own fantasy, and we bet that afterwards you won’t want to leave the Shakespeare Karaoke anymore. There’s no audience (unless you want it yourself) so you can freely dive into your own imagination!

Premiere was to be at Totaalfestival 2020 in Bladel, but was postponed because of Covid19.

To book or not to book?
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