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In collaboration with healthcare institution De Wilg in Utrecht, we created the performance Kill your darlings for the Stut Theater Winter Special with the theme "bubble".

Are you comfortable in your bubble?
Can I take a look inside? Is there still room there?
For me, or for someone else?

Do you want to be in my bubble? Want to see what it's like there?
You're welcome.

Players from various playing groups take control in Stut's dinner show 'Bubbel'! In the theater, but also in their own lives.

From October to February they worked weekly with professional theater makers on their personal stories on stage. They started from the question: 'What do you decide for yourself and what is decided for you?'. Four short performances are the result.

Bubbel is a social artistic project with various welfare organizations in Utrecht. The aim is to introduce people to theater in a playful, accessible way. The participating organizations all focus on making society more inclusive.

The play groups

StutdeWilg - De Wilg supports people with a mild intellectual disability and/or psychological problems in (again) actively participating in society. In July, STUT started introductory theater & acting lessons at De Wilg.
StutStaat - A play group composed of interested parties from the Salvation Army and De Tussenvoering.
StutBrein - The Stutbrein play group was formed from Buurthuis de Paraplu, an InteraktContour location that specializes in NAH (Non-Congenital Brain Injury).
StutenWij - A diverse group of players, some of whom are involved through Lister. Lister guides people with psychological vulnerability.

Photos: Bas de Meijer

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