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Review Theaterkrant

In 2017, critic Marijn Lems visited the Amsterdam Fringe Festival for Theaterkrant. About The Karamazovs, he wrote the following:

Boyish chemistry

Fortunately, the featherlight The Karamazovs by Brecht Hermans is the perfect antidote. Together with cellist Pau Marques i Oleo, he brings Dosotjevsky's famous work in serial form - every day at the Fringe there is a new episode, including a 'previously on' and, after some insistence, an 'on the next episode'. And oh yes, all roles are played by the audience themselves.

Actually The Karamazovs is therefore a text reading with mediocre amateur players (with myself as low point of the evening. Jokes about all reviewers being failed artists are welcome in the comments). Hermans, however, shows himself to be a very witty showmaster who knows how to make a party out of even the most miserable acting performance. He and Marques i Oleo, who also plays an occasional role, have a boyish chemistry that is extremely contagious.

You can find the full article here.

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