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Review Theaterkrant

Reviewer Jos Schuring visited Winterkaravaan 2017 for Theaterkrant. About Er was een begin by Brecht Hermans and Pauline van Leeuwen he writes:

Lovely encounter

Brecht Hermans studied theater science in Ghent and stage technique in Brussels. Pauline van Leeuwen studies in Maastricht. They found each other in their predilection for theater as an encounter. On headphones, the two speak to us in turn and give commands that - fortunately not compelling - stimulate contact. After a while everyone takes place next to a stranger on a sheepskin to drink coffee or tea together. Cynics will quickly dismiss this as tacky and this form of theater is certainly not new anymore, but the lovely design of Hermans and Van Leeuwen still has a visible effect.

You can read the full article here.

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