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Inclusive theater, what does it generate and where does it wrinkle? This is the question that Hogeschool Rotterdam and ArtEZ University of the Arts are examining in a two-year study.

Involved in the research are: the inclusive theatercompanies Kiem Kunst in Alkmaar, Klare Taal in Arnhem and Theater Babel Rotterdam, various independent theatermakers, the National Institute for Knowledge on Culture Education and Amateur Arts LKCA), care organization Pameijer and Rotterdam Onbeperkt from Gemeente Rotterdam.

My role in the research is that I was allowed to interview a number of inclusive theater makers together with researcher Jeannette Nijkamp from Hogeschool Rotterdam: Frauke Seynnaeve from Platform K, theatermaker Dominique Coppenrath and Dirk Crommelinck and Saartje Cauwenbergh from the publiekswerking department at NTGent. 

Next to that, I was also asked to conduct two theaterexperiments in the research. In the first one, I created a workshop for highschools together with Theater Babel Rotterdam. My research question was how I could develop a workshop in which the performers from Babel and I were co-teachers. We were looking for shared ownership, responsibility and teaching together.

My second experiment is taking place at Speels Collectief in Tilburg, where I'm looking into equivalency between a theatermaker with and a theatermaker without disability. And what is that actually: equivalency? The rehearsals with the performer and I are being looked at through the perspective of equivalency by Dr. Mieke Cardol from the lectorate Disability Studies from Hogeschool Rotterdam and two STRONG students, students with a disability, from Hogeschool Rotterdam.


On Monday, September 19 there will be a final symposium about the research from 1pm to 5pm at ArtEZ in Arnhem.

More information about the research can be found here.

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