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The Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs, erected in the context of festival Karavaan 2019 with the theme 'our own soil', investigates in a ludicrous fashion what makes Alkmaar so Alkmaarish. What is the Alkmaarder proud of, and how can we carry out this pride to the rest of the world? The Ministry will compose their own Alkmaar anthem, select the 400th Alkmaar Rijksmonument, choose an official export-product and erect the Museum of Alkmaar Affairs.


In co-operation with Karavaan, an Alkmaar Ministry was erected. Through and open call, there was a search for candidates. The Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs will make some important decisions, that will be exectued by the Permanent Presiding Chairman o/t Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs (PPC). On March, 23 the ministers pledged their official vows in a guerilla performance on the stairs of the Alkmaar city hall. 

The official means of transport for the Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs, was the Victorious Verhikel (VV), a beer-bike built into a propaganda-wagon. With this, the Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs collected the opinions and ideas of the Alkmaar people.

During Karavaan 2019, the PPC and PPVC - the Permanent Presiding Chairman and the Permanent Presiding Vice-Chairman of the Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs - turn the Karavaan audience into members of the Ministry. They can write out permits, sign petitions (Marco Borsato live at Karavaan 2020!), cast their vote in the election of the 400th Rijksmonument and official Alkmaar export-prodcut, and every day there is a singing spree of the Alkmaar Anthem as composed by the Ministry of Alkmaar Affairs.

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