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A young woman ends up in a hospital after her suicide attempt. The doctor-director, a guru of building your own life, is convinced he can save her. As long as she succumbs to the absurd strict rules of his clinic. In her room is a young man, whom she tries to convince to help her die. In the strange surroundings of the hospital he is in doubt whether he should support her in her death wish. But what does she really need?  

Als je van me houdt (If you love me) is a surreal story, based on a text by the nineteen-year-old Nina van Tongeren. The production is performed in an intimate setting by experienced actors and students.

A production by het Weeshuis Theater in Dordrecht.

Based on a text by: Nina van Tongeren
Music: Esther Jacobs
Concept and directing: Ellen Honings
Performers: Julie Kurris, Mathieu Güthschmidt, Brecht Hermans, Nikki Ekas, Michiel Ris


Performance dates:
October 14 – 19:30: try-out @ Weeshuis Theater
October 15 – 15:30: performance for students @ Kunstmin, Dordrecht
October 16 – 20:00: premiere @ Kunstmin Dordrecht


Suicide is the second cause of death amongst students. A quarter of them is walking around with thoughts of committing suicide, is stated in a research by University of Amsterdam (2006). While this group is so big, the subject remains difficult to discuss. What do you do when you have these feelings or someone you know? What does this high pressure of suffering amongst youngsters say about our society? Als je van me houdt invites to talk about this sensitive subject. In co-operation with GGZ and different educational institutions, we offer a side program.

With support of Gemeente Dordrecht, VSB Fonds and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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