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Internet the Musical by Questions Collective is a performance about connection in times of isolation and an homage to the Internet. The musical was written, designed and composed by an online company of 50 artists from some 20 countries, during the period when everyone was necessarily chained to their homes: lockdown 2020.


The result? A bombastic, musical story in which all the creators, unbound by offline constraints, give free rein to their dreams. Romance, humor, violence, dance. Everything you want from a musical.


During O. Festival in Rotterdam (the successor of Operadagen) different parts of the musical were tested, the audience was asked what was winning and what needed an update.


My role in the whole thing? I co-wrote - including the scene "Cookies in the Casino" - submitted my recorded singing voice for the Server Appreciation Anthem above and danced along in the clip, following Questions Collective's instructions via a YouTube tutorial. During the performance at O. Festival, I played along as Internet Explorer. 


Shout out by the way for the amazing costumes by Tessel Brühl and her team.

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