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Ik via de ander: Sharoma
Ik via de ander: Johan
Ik via de ander: Terence

How does your mother talk about you? And about your birth?
What does your father think about the choices you make in life?
How does your sister or brother speak about your relationship together?


In Ik via de ander (I through the other), 28 performers of Theater Babel Rotterdam show themselves in their most vulnerable way. They tell intimate monologues about themselves, through the gaze of the other. Director Paul Röttger has interviewed a family member of every actor about their birth, youth, the life of the actor and their mutual connection. Together with writer Erik Ward Geerlings, Paul has worked out these interviews in monologues.


In a multidisciplinary setting of dance, circus arts and music, and life-size projections, the actors tell their personal stories 1 on 1 with the audience. Ik via de ander is an invitation to get closer to yourself, through the story of the other.

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