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1 second is all you need for that one sentence: ‘I’m gay’. But coming out of the closet is not a moment in time – it's a process. That’s what Brecht Hermans proves with his own coming-out story: a funny, vulnerable and musical story with a time span of 20 years, compressed into 30 minutes of theater.

Travel along to Brecht's teenage years, to his confusing big loves and join him in taking his first steps into the dark room.




Brecht Hermans often makes inclusive theater performances in which he asks his fellow actors to show themselves on stage. Ik moet u iets vertellen (I have to tell you something) is the first solo performance in which Brecht shares his own story and reminds himself of how vulnerable you can be on stage.

The Antillean-Dutch theater maker Nina-Elisa Euson directs. She will edit Brecht’s story into a strong and intimate whole. Check out her previous performance 'Gouden Bergen' here.


Cafetheaterfestival Rotterdam

25 - 26 March

La Petite Soeur

Cafetheaterfestival Utrecht
7 May

Café Fokus


26 - 27 May

Tentjestheater, Victoriepark
Karavaan Festival, Alkmaar

Ik moet u iets vertellen is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Maker Impuls by Gemeente Utrecht and Fund Elise Mathilde.