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“You read about a lot of shows being an ‘experience’.
This truly is one” - 
Neil Sinclair (Paris Fringe Festival)
Hermans proves to be a very funny showmaster who can turn even the most miserable acting performance into a party." - Marijn Lems (Theaterkrant)


Are you a drunk soldier, ruined by women and alcohol? A perverted monk, sensual seductress or sneaky servant? Whatever you may be, join The Karamazovs: a hear play in 8 episodes in which you create your own corrupted character. Choose who you want to be, read the dialogues and bring Dostoyevsky’s masterpiece to life. Prepare yourself for blood, revenge and a sweet sauce of existential absurdism.

The Karamazovs is a live reading-performance in which the audience acts out the characters from the novel. Brecht reads the directional notes and adds a “previously in The Kamarazovs” to each episode. Cello player Pau Marques i Oleo supports the action with live improvised music.


The episodes can be visited separately. Already curious about how it ends? For € 15 you can buy the complete text (special deleted scene included). The booklet has been nicely printed by the independent publisher Publication Studio Rotterdam. You can order the book through the webshop.

The Karamazovs book edition.jpg

The Karamazovs premiered at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017 and won the Spirit of the Fringe Award at Paris Fringe Festival 2018.

With many thanks to Theater Walhalla and Leeszaal West for two try-outs in Rotterdam and thanks to Theater Babel Rotterdam for the location to record our teaser trailer (see below).


Concept, text and performance: Brecht Hermans
Live music: Pau Marques i Oleo
Pictures: Charlotte Brand
Video: A Small Production Company


Text edition: Publication Studio Rotterdam
Graphic design: Yin Yin Wong
Translation: Abraham Meeuwsen
Proofreading: Isabelle Sully


Based on The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

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