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Animalium, the zoo of (almost) extinct animals is a show for children and adults with beautifully constructed mechanical animals like the Baji dolphin, Borneo rhino, Guan flying fox and others. Adventurer and collector Karl Haegenbeck shows you around in his collection. But there are three rules: don’t feed the animals, don’t make sudden movements and don’t talk to mister Haegenbeck, unless he talks to you first.

Animalium sometimes performs on its own, sometimes as a part of Carnivale, a fair village filled with quirky attractions. Take part in the race between giant tortoises, fly along in the visionary air planes by Marquisse D’Equivilly or sail the wild seas in the carrousel L’Imaginarium Du Capitein Gustav II.

Animalium and Carnivale were developed by the collective De Machieniere in Antwerp.

Credits Animalium (2018-2019)


Performance: Britt Tack, Brecht Hermans
Concept: Maarten Janssens​

Construction/sculptors: Joris Janssens, Maarten Janssens, Rune Tuerlinck, Bertrand Boulanger, Olivier Sion, Dajo Peeters, Dries Dockx
Directing: Maarten Janssens, Alba Sarraute

Technicians: Joris janssens, Rune Tuerlinck

Graphic design: Britt Tack, Lio Verdonck​​

Pictures: Ronny Lemmens

Co-production: Mira Miro, Theater Op De Markt

Supported by the Flemish Government and City of Antwerp.

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