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Hello, I am Brecht

theater maker
founder theatre reading club
Belgian and Rotterdammer
introvert & extravert
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since 2015

community theater

Inclusive theater, community theater - whatever you call it, I make theater with people. And preferably people that don't easily take the step towards the theater stage. 

I think art and theater are a basic human right for everyone. I want to share the attention, the love, the volnurability and the cheerfulness with which you make theater with the people that need it the most and make theater accessible to them.

I worked at Theater Babel Rotterdam with actors with and without disabilities. At Stut Theater, I am taking classes in community theater. And together with Hogeschool Rotterdam and ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, I am doing a research into inclusive theater.


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PS Theater
a theatrical documentary
about the passage from
primary school to highschool
November 8 to 11
PS Theater, Leiden
more info

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