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Hello, I am Brecht

inclusive theatre maker 
Belgian & Rotterdammer
healthy looney
good with numbers
pianist & singer

2017 - 2021

The Karamazovs

perform Dostoyevsky together

The Karamazovs is a theatre show in which the audience is invited to join. I re-worked Dostoyevsky's masterpiece into a theatre text in 8 episodes. The audience reads out the character's dialogues. Cello player Pau Marques i Oleo improvises a live soundtrack. And I shout directorial notes: "Bigger! With more passion!"

By reading together and bringing the story to life, we get to know each other better in a very playful manner. 

from October 27
to December 15
every Wednesday
at 8pm
at Karavaan in Alkmaar

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Theatre Reading Club

The Cherry Orchard

in Leeszaal West, Rotterdam
from 2pm to 4:30

wed 22 dec - preview
fr 14 jan
fr 28 jan
fr 4 feb
fr 18 feb
fr 11 mar
fr 25 mar
fr 8 apr
fr 29 apr
fr 20 may

free - in Dutch
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