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Plays are beautiful to watch and fun to read. Especially when you read them together. That's why theater maker Brecht Hermans and Leeszaal West founded a theater reading club in 2022. In 2023, we expanded with 3 theatre reading clubs in Theater Zuidplein, Leeszaal West and Theater 't Kapelletje.

In the theatre reading club, we sit around the table together and read excerpts from one play at a time. A different play each time, so it's okay if you miss a meeting.
Everyone welcome.
1 or 10 times - as much as you can and want.
Good and not so good readers welcome.
No experience with theater required.




Theater Reading Club South

on Wednesdays October 18, November 8, November 29, January 10, January 31, February 21, March 13, April 3, April 24, May 15, June 5 and June 26

at 19:30 in Theater Zuidplein in Studio Doro


Theater Reading Club West

on Fridays 20 October, 10 November, 1 December, 12 January, 2 February, 23 February, 15 March, 5 April, 26 April, 17 May, 7 June and 28 June

​at 14:00 uur in Leeszaal West


Theater Reading Club North

on Saturdays 21 October, 11 November, 2 December, 13 January, 3 February, 24 February, 16 March, 6 April, 27 April, 18 May, 8 June and 29 June

​at 14:00 in Theater ’t Kapelletje in rehearsal space 't Fundament

Festive Christmas reading for all clubs
on Friday 22 December
at 14:00 in Leeszaal West

Festive season finale for all clubs
on Wednesday 3 July
at 19:30 in Theater Zuidplein in Zaal Z



Want to join? Send an email to

Aftermovie season finale TLC 010 at Theater Zuidplein (July 2023)

ToneelReadClub010 was supported in 2023 by Gemeente Rotterdam and in 2022 by Gebiedscommissie Centrum and Cultuur Concreet.

Video: Charlotte Brand / A Small Production Company

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