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In development: the theater project Samen in Zorg (Together in Care).


Under the wings of Theater Zuidplein, I will develop three short performances in the 2024-2025 season around the question: how can we ensure that psychiatric care becomes as normal as physical care? How can we view mental "illnesses" not as an ailment but as something that is part of humanity, something that is sometimes necessary, something that we can jointly support and learn from together.

In part 1 I work with sisters Imca and Anastasia and dancer Rohiet. From our joint studio in Feijenoord we look for how we can be together, talk to each other and how we can create art from that conversation.

In part 2 I investigate the relationship between care counselor and client, how can you interact with each other based on equality?

In part 3 we investigate with a community of clients, care supervisors and loved ones how we can shape a more inclusive society.

More info to follow!

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Samen in Zorg is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten - Nieuwe Makersregeling and Lab-Z of Theater Zuidplein.

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