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SHARED / FOLDER is an artistic research into the sharing of intimacy in public space. It is a trilogy of performances: i Play, i Fuck and i Facebook.

i Play is a mobile radio, in which the audience can request a song in exchange for a personal story. In i Fuck, I checked how much intimacy we can bear from each other by measuring, with a chronometer, how long people could listen to the story of my sex life. i Facebook was an online performance where I turned Facebook upside down: a year long, instead of posting what I had done that day, I posted what I had not done that day. And there was an i Facebook group in which everyone could contribute with their own not-non-happenings. This resulted in absurd, sometimes moving, everyday poetry.

In June 2016, I made a theatre performance together with filmmaker Karina Beumer: the SHARED / FOLDER talk show in which the three performances came together, with just that little bit more. For example, there was a video work about i Fuck in which I did not talk about my former sex partners, but they talked about me. There was an interview with i Facebook user Nathalie Hellemans and an actor who was not philosopher and theater maker Stefaan van Brabandt. An advertising message about the fictional app i Shit, in which you can share how you are really doing through photos of your excrements. And the icing on the cake was a musical performance by Les Tigresses Rouges with the Tinder song.

SHARED / FOLDER was a very special project for me. A project in which I started on a new path in my theater making.


Creation and performance: Brecht Hermans

Artistic partner, video and editing: Karina Beumer
Actors: Sara Peeters, Jef Stevens

Live music: Les Tigresses Rouges
Light and sound: Thomas Vermaercke
Subtitels: Koen Ilsen
Translation subtitles: Thabit Hamror

Camera crew: Charlotte Boeyden, Jordy Vandeput, Karina Beumer, Lukas Verdijk, Winnie Claessens

With thanks to Nathalie Hellemans, Marieke Breyne, Isabelle Stockmans, Suhaib Gibril, Costatino Giordano, Min Lee, Paul Hermans, Jeannine Knaepen


SHARED / FOLDER was supported by arts centre BELGIE and STROOM, supporting talent by the Province of Limburg (BE). Thanks to a travel subsidy from the Flemish Community, SHARED / FOLDER was able to go to the Fringe Festival in Paris.

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