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The Rotterdam based music theatre company LUKKA performs Venetia’s Air, the second show in a trilogy in which women from the 17th century are given a voice.

A beauty in her days, Venetia was inspiration to many artists. But who was she really? Urge for freedom, (loss of) beauty and jealousy are the inflammable mix that lead to her dramatic end.

This music theatre production is based on and inspired by the painting of Anthony van Dijck: “Portrait of Venetia Stanley on her deathbed”.


Performances: March 2020 (postponed) – September 2021


Actor / storyteller: Brecht Hermans

Singer / actress: Jildou Kroes

Music:  Elly Van Munster & Inés Salinas Blasco 

Text / directing: Bertine Hobbelman

Technical design: Peter Lemmens

Music from a.o. Dowland, Hume, Byrd, Ferrabosco

With texts by Ben Jonson and Kenelm Digby


Some pictures from the rehearsals:

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